Supply Chain Optimisation

Ensure your competitive advantage and profitability

Whilst international trade opportunities are now abound, so too are the threats posed by a global market. The goals of sustainable profit and growth are a massive challenge in such an environment. Supply chain optimisation is fundamental to achieving competitive advantage and profitability. An efficient supply chain is a proprietary asset.

Optimise to compete globally

Globalisation has rendered competitiveness between organisations to a level where it is no longer the actual organisations that compete any more. Rather, it is the supply chains of which those organisations are an integral part, along with their suppliers, and their suppliers’ suppliers, that are now competing with each other.

Achieve customer satisfaction

Meeting the expectations of your customers is a fine balancing act. A balance between minimising your total logistics costs whilst still providing the level of customer service dictated by your marketing strategy and the expectations of your customers. Where does this balance lie? How do you reduce your overall total cost? The approach must be an integrated one, where marketing and logistics are treated symbiotically. Logistics is a critical component of the mix in achieving customer satisfaction, i.e. in getting the right product to the right place at the right time in the right condition and for the right cost to the customer.


In a world where approximately 50% of consumer product spend is required to cover the post manufacturing cost of goods, logistics enhances the marketing effort of an organisation, creating differential advantage through the efficient movement of products.

Be profitable

An efficient supply chain is critical to achieve the objective of the delivery of goods and related services at the lowest possible cost and at an acceptable level of customer service. This is what ensures your company’s sustainability and profitability.

MTC’s Role

MTC’s primary function is to optimise our customer’s supply chain. We do this through strategic logistics management, the components of which are intricately interwoven, complex and challenging.


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